The following is a brief review of the activities that our firm developes, in order to offer you our professional services of engineering, as well as the supply of equipment and installations for industrial refrigeration, in which you may be interested.

Our firm was formed in 1943 by the engineers H. K. De Weerth, J. C. Boyd and R. R. Shocron, as a professional consulting firm for the planning of whole projects for the engineering of industrial plants for the food industry. It includes the design, complete drawings and the follow up of the construction on site of all the civil, architectural, mechanical, electrical, refrigeration and waste water treatment works.

In 1959, REFRIN incorporated the manufacture and installation of equipment for industrial refrigeration (evaporators, condensers, plate freezers, vessels, etc.) and machinery for packinghouses (hide pullers, knocking pens, overhead conveyors, etc.).

We offer you the best technical and economical solutions for all your needs, not only during the previous stage of design, but also providing and installing the units required for chilling, freezing and cold storage of food products.

We also handle the installation and commissioning of complete turn key plants including the piping and insulation for ammonia, steam, water, etc., for different food industries.

Our staff include qualified engineers, professionals, and administrative personal who work in our head offices in down town, Buenos Aires; and specialized manual labor and laborers who manufacture and install the equipment and machinery in our 4.000 m2 workshop in Avellaneda, (30 minutes from down town).

For sixty years REFRIN has maintained an advanced design of every project, a high quality control of the manufacturing process and a personal attention to all clients.

Please visit our web site, and contact us if you need further information.

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